New website and new blog especially relevant in this mobile world.  I would be interested to hear your thoughts and questions. We always appreciate your views a they help us change, please add comments to the box below.

The reason for the new website was simple, its mainly because –  Since 2009, we had an old desktop site.  It was our first one as Serpsreviews and worked really well, lots of content.  As the use of phones grew, the old style mobile unfriendly site slowly died.  In its final weeks, 95% of users were on mobiles and tablets.  They really didn’t like the site.

Now, we have a fresh mobile friendly site that gives just as much, but more.


To launch it, we commissioned the IPAD AIR2 prize, if you aren’t aware of it, please let us know, although you can view the details on our home page.

So first blog, really excited the prize draw is only days away and hoping to live stream it to anyone that is interested.