Serps Claim Information

Further to your discussion with one of our advisers please find the claims process information.  We have spent months trawling the internet so you don’t have to.  All the information within this page is readily available on the internet, we have simply gathered it together in one portal.

As a claims management firm we are unable to take on the management of claims where our experience has shown a low likelihood of success.  However, as you still wish to pursue a claim – Here is everything you will need, from the reasons behind the mis-sale, to a full flowchart explaining what to do and when.

Should you have any questions, at any point in time, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0117 3704287.

It should be noted that as we aren’t actively managing your claim, we will not expect any fees should you be awarded compensation.  Any terms and conditions relating to the claim are now at an end.

Finally, here is a recent award letter for someone who used this information and was successful.

So here is the flow chart.  All you do is follow it step by step.  You will find your insurance company really helpful and they will be more than happy to help you through this.  In fact, based on feedback, clients tell me it is the most help they have ever received from the pension provider! Just click HERE

Click for Flowchart

Next are the typical reasons for the misselling of Serps pensions.  All you do is choose whichever apply to you and copy them into your letter, add any other comments you feel applicable, along with the plan number and pension provider address. Click HERE



Here are some helpful FAQs –