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5k Serps Compensation award

Miss 5k I just wanted to share something personal with you first.  It sounds crazy when I write it down, I sometimes say it to people and it doesn't sound as crazy.  But, if it does sound crazy, just give me a ring and I will try and explain it.. I can't win every [...]

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10k Serps Compensation award

Mr J Just thought I would share this recent win. Its a real win for the client because his pension was not suitable for him at all.  It makes me angry that the industry did this to him years ago.  He  took out a pension 15 years ago and they have never contacted him [...]

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3k Serps Compensation award

Mr C Mr C was around 19 years old when he contracted out of Serps.  He told me, “The guy just brought paperwork around to my parent’s house and I just signed them as I didn’t know any better.  It was all done matter of fact and informally and just didn’t realise there would [...]

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90k Serps Compensation award

Ms F After 12 years of fine tuning our systems and processes, we have finally got to the stage we are at now.  Actually we got here about 18 months ago and since then some of the awards our clients have received have been staggering. You probably know about Councillor Radford's 60k plus cash [...]

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Serpsreview’s phone numbers

We were asked a while ago why we use mobiles to call clients.  We have a number of phone lines into the building and without boring anyone, it started to become too much. Lines kept coming in, then changing, then stopping.  So, I made a conscious decision to control a bunch of mobile contracts instead. [...]

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SerpsReviews Ipad Air draw for January – Draw on Thursday 19th at 1pm

After October's draw I went to see Dean Hawksworth, to hand over the IPAD AIR and to find out more about Dean and his experiences.  The video is below, watch it to find out why we almost had to force him to take the IPAD!!   We at SerpsReviews enjoy the IPAD competition so much [...]

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SerpsReviews Ipad Air draw for January – Ipad ordered

So the new Ipad for January's draw has been ordered and should be here next week. I try to order it as late as possible to ensure the guarantee lasts as long as possible. Serpsreviews have already given away an Ipad Air in October 2016, Dean won prize and was really grateful. There are a [...]

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Ipad Air draw for January – Who will win?

Dean won the Ipad in October by his entry for returning his paperwork.  Find out how many entries in the new draw you have by watching the video below.

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Mr Bentley

Mr Bentley A while ago a client came to me and we had a conversation about Serps.  It was clear that the client had just buried his head in the sand but luckily our advert got him to take action.  He didn't have to do much, he called us, signed some forms, talked to us [...]

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Ipad AIR II New website and new blog especially relevant in this mobile world.  I would be interested to hear your thoughts and questions. We always appreciate your views a they help us change, please add comments to the box below. The reason for the new website was simple, its mainly because -  Since [...]

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