Ms F

After 12 years of fine tuning our systems and processes, we have finally got to the stage we are at now.  Actually we got here about 18 months ago and since then some of the awards our clients have received have been staggering.

You probably know about Councillor Radford’s 60k plus cash award, that held the title for quite a while.  Then Ms F came along.

Ms F wants to remain anonymous, mainly because of the amount she was awarded.  She just doesn’t want to deal with the stress of family and friends knowing.  Let me explain how we got here.

Ms F approached us in the exact same way you probably did, saw us on facebook.  We called and discussed her plan and Serps, like we did with you.  We sent her letters of authority to sign and she returned them.  This may be the stage you are at know.  Up to this point there was no difference between her case and your case.

Once we received them back, we started discussions with her insurance company.

When we looked at her case, we felt she had a minimal chance of a claim.  There were some reasons, I won’t bore you with the details but the claim went ahead. More important for her was the fact that she had a terrible pension plan.  We explained that in our experience if she listened to ALL the advice we gave her and won her claim, the chances of getting cash was much higher.  I also reminded her that she probably would not win her claim.

After many struggle’s we noticed something in the paperwork that led to the award and because she had moved her pension away under my guidance, she was awarded cash.


The moral of her story and the words she uttered after she picked herself up off the floor were –

I am glad I listened to your advice!