Miss 5k

I just wanted to share something personal with you first.  It sounds crazy when I write it down, I sometimes say it to people and it doesn’t sound as crazy.  But, if it does sound crazy, just give me a ring and I will try and explain it..

I can’t win every claim.  I can’t offer you a guarantee that I will get you an award because until everything goes through our powerhouse (review), I just don’t know and even sometimes when I think we will win, something happens to stop it.

A bit like a surgeon.  Sometimes they have to try something to see if it works.  Sometimes, they know a kind of success rate, but there is always something that could happen that is unforeseen.

The thing is, I saw many people distressed.  Distressed that they have this thing called a Serps pension but that is all they know.  No one could tell them what it actually meant to them, they didn’t know if it was good, bad or indifferent.

So I started helping people and very quickly realised that there were 2 issues.  The first was should they be contracted out and was it performed correctly?  The second part was that some people had a dead duck on their hands..  There are some monstrous plans out there but there isn’t a league table, you can’t just look at your statement and decide if its great or not. So the second part includes a full review of the pension.  Clients then get feedback and if its bad decide what to do and if its good, relax.

A bit like the surgeon I alluded to earlier.  Lets say they had to put some pins in your broken arm, but when they looked closer they found something not quite right.  You would expect them to do the best job and at least alert you to it.  I suppose this is why, since 2005 we have helped over 10,000 people.

(Here is the awkward part) I often feel like the caped crusader of Financial Services, righting wrongs, fighting injustice.

Anyway, thought I would share that.  But here is a recent case that went through this process.

Some clients prefer to remain anonymous so I shall call her Miss 5K.  Interestingly, her award was just over 5k.  Today, I spoke to 3 other people who were almost an identical match with much larger pensions so I look forward to their outcome over the next few months.

Miss 5K’s situation was this.  She had held her pension since the late 80’s.  It had become a regular annual event to receive and file her statement.  She often didn’t even open it because it made no sense.  She contacted us mainly for us to check how it is doing.

During the checks it became clear there were issues, quite a few.  So we got it stripped it apart, put it back together and now it is current and doing exactly what Miss 5k wants.

In the comments box below, let me know who your pension is with?