Mr C

Mr C was around 19 years old when he contracted out of Serps.  He told me, “The guy just brought paperwork around to my parent’s house and I just signed them as I didn’t know any better.  It was all done matter of fact and informally and just didn’t realise there would be serious ramifications.”


Unfortunately, this is the way many people were coerced into doing this.  I asked him how he felt about his current pension.


“I have started to question these larger institution’s and I do feel let down by my pension provider.”  Mr C is correct, the industry and banks have been dealt some big blows recently and we feel it is almost down to us to help clients sort the situation.


As part of the review, the pension was torn apart piece by piece.  This resulted in feedback that the pension was very poor.  We also gave some answers and Mr C decided to move his pension and try to claw back some lost ground.  I asked him what he felt about this.


“I realised quickly I needed to do something rather than ignore it.  Everything was explained so that I could understand it and the adviser restored a lot of faith especially in your services. I feel it’s been a real god send.”


I am really proud when a client feels this way, it shows we have listened and provided an exceptional service.  But I did wonder how Mr C felt now, compared to before he approached us.


“I am so much happier.  I am so relieved that you have sorted out my pension for me.”


By this point, I knew I was pushing my luck but I wanted to try to get this in a simpler format so I asked Mr C how many stars out of 5 he would give us.


“5 out of 5.  I felt no pressure, in fact I was told frequently that this is my decision.  I felt in control at all times.  I would definitely recommend you.”


As you can imagine, at this point I was wondering how I would get my big head out of the door?  Just wanted to roll the final answers into one big question.  You ran the claim yourself using our guides, how was this, how much was your fee and how much was your award?


“Your templates were great. Initially, my chances of success were less than 10%.  But I followed your advice to the letter.  It was very easy.  Because I used the templates, I had no fee to pay for the claim and I was awarded £3722!!  Thank you so much.”


No thank you Mr C..