Mr J

Just thought I would share this recent win.

Its a real win for the client because his pension was not suitable for him at all.  It makes me angry that the industry did this to him years ago.  He  took out a pension 15 years ago and they have never contacted him since.

During our communication a full plan of action was created fixing every element of the pension.  Again Mr J took the advice, followed the plan and not only ended up 10k he never expected, he fixed his pension.

This happened just at the right time for him.

I am going to put a wealth warning here.  We have been helping clients with Serps pensions since 2005.  Our knowledge in this area is immense.  I really don’t know any other firm that have dealt with over 10,000 cases.  Our most successful clients are those that follow our guidance.  Mr J had already told us before he won that he felt successful in fixing his pension.  The award was the icing on the cake.